AIM Sweden AB has built several system controlling and meassuring analog and digital data. Some of these are off-grid solar systems with solar panels, solar controllers, wind generators, batteries, inverters and monitoring systems. Other is just systems collecting data from different sources.

The basic idea behind the systems is that they are not depending on the Internet. In a remote place, like the archipellago, the first thing that goes down if there is some kind of crisis is the mobile phone network and the power grid. The systems built by AIM Sweden AB are only dependening on local resources and based on MODBUS/RS485 network protocol. They are self sufficinet and can react independent of outside input. It can be an analog comparator controlling a the charging equipment for a battery system. It can be a digital thermostat controlling the heat in the doghouse.

Of Grid Solar Systems

For places without connection to the powergrid we build systems based on solar panels and/or wind turbines.. We base our off-grid solar systems on EPEVER solar controllers and inverters. Epever devices are high efficient and high tech. They are easy to configure and can be controlled and monitored remote via MODBUS/RS485.

The most resent systems are build with monocrystallina solar panels and carbon/lead batteries. LiFePO4 (lithium) batteries do only operate at temperatures above zero wich limits their usage in nordic environment. During the cold period a lot of energy is used to heat the battery before it can be charged.


AIM Sweden AB has built software that can collect data from solar systems, store these in a database and also display them. Here is a link to an example from the software

AIM Sweden also built systems collecting real time data from diffrent kind of instument. These systems are based on NMEA/RS232/RS485/MODBUS. The collected data can be power grid statistics, temperatures, air pressure, humidity etc.