Simulated Load teminals

Some of EPEVER's solar panel controllers do not have load terminals. On the controllers there are only terminals for solar panels and batteries. Most of the larger controllers capable of handleling more than 40 A is without load terminals. This means that there is no way to get any measurement of the outgoing power from the batteries from the EPEVER device.

controller description

By installing an external device measuring the outgoing current from the batteries we are able to collect information about the load. One of the devices we use for external measuring is the peacefair RS485 devices. They come i several flavors with internal or external shunt.

energy meter

Observe that the peacefair units have other communication parameters than the EPEVER units. Most of the units made for DC have a passive RS485 interface. The term passive means that the RS485 interface needs a separate 5 V powersupply. We have used small stepdown converters.


Also keep in mind that the shunt needs to be placed on the negative side of the system. This can be problematic if the system have a common ground. The peacefair units are not able to measure the direction of the current. The design of the system needs a plan for this.